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Yay New Thread!!!
And double yay for being the first to respond :P (But I guess that's to be expected of the first mate mwahaha :3)

Since Captain Keimi is suuuuuupaaaar busy, I will be doing the character list! I've gone through this thread and made the list, if it's incorrect/you've changed your character, just let me know!! Cheers!

Straw Hats
Sanji - Sushied
TS Sanji - infernochakram
TS Zoro - Chipface
Thriller Bark Usopp - Scathefir3's friend
Luffy - Titania19's friend
Nami (?) - Titania19
Female Luffy - Siyome's friend

Fishmen & Merfolk
Keimi - Karitsa
Madam Shyarly - Kireikage
Shirahoshi - sparklypink

Shichibukai/War Lords
Boa Hancock - ValentinaH

Tashigi - Chipface's gf
Tashigi - kelso
TS Tashigi - xxnamisanxx

Perona - GoddessDigi
Perona - Scathefir3
Bearsy - Scathefir3's bf
Cindry - Scathefir2's friend

TS Eustass Kid - TJRapper
TS Killer - TJRapper's friend
Jewelry Bonney - siuxsiu

Super Awesome Others
??? - Yukinosama
??? - Yukinosama's friend
Toddler Luffy & Dragon & Garp - LordJecks & family
Female Ace - Siyome

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