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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
The Saint's standard lunch is onigiri, fresh vegetables (baby carrots, bell pepper slices, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks), fresh fruit (banana, apple, orange, grapes), raw nuts. We put the rice cooker on the timer the night before and it only takes about 10 min. to put everything else together. Since Brando has access to a microwave, you can just make extra portions of whatever you have for dinner and he can take leftovers. Also hard boiled eggs.

I'm in NYC Ktown eating cold noodles, mandu and Pinkberry.
How could I not think about Onigiri?! He loves that and I can fill it with crab meat or cooked and shredded chicken! DURP FACE EMMERS. GAWSH.

Brandon seems to have the pickiest aversion to vegetables and eggs. Lettuce is about the only veg he eats. He won't touch onions and he hasn't eaten an egg since he was in elementary school. Brando being extremely picky is one of the reasons I was kinda at an impasse with what to make him without it being "Sandwiches and chicken strips for a week" kinda thing.
Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post
I have a lot of ideas, but most of them involve advanced cooking. It's easiest to make batches of stuff like rice, legumes, meat, and so on over the weekend and keep it in the fridge or freezer to pack quick lunches in the morning.

It's pretty tough to do much beyond sandwiches if you don't have things prepped and ready in advance before he heads out in the morning. Unless, of course, you enjoy getting up an hour before him to cook.
I would like to say I am a proficient cook, but I wouldn't venture to say that BBQ chicken wings amounts to any worth while skill >>'

Neither of us mind getting up earlier, but I think I am going to need to get his help to prepare some things in advance like big pots of cooked meat or preparing ingredients that he can throw together easily.

I found out just a short time ago that apparently they have one of those small table-top toaster ovens so I've thought about getting some more English muffins and making up a big pot of tomato sauce so I could pack the sauce with the muffin and he could put the sauce on top of the muffins and sprinkle cheese on top and pop them in the toaster oven for little pizzas.
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