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Recently, I've been doing original versions of stuff in addition to my re-creations - saloon girl Query from Batman, Edo gambler Setzer, Ghostbuster Kaylee. I do those mainly because they give me an excuse to design something new but still get recognized.

I do a lot of historical or fantasy-style costumes that I don't put in my gallery because they aren't terribly exciting.

And then there are the original costumes I do, perhaps loosely based on something else. This year, my project was the Fifth Inspector from Inspector Spacetime (based on an internet joke). Next year, I plan to do some sort of can-can thing but am debating on the theme of the dress. I'm also working on a 60s version of Quidditch robes. My husband is the better designer of the two of us, so he comes up with the cooler ideas - I'm working on his Captain Nemo design next year and into 2014.
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