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Shockingly, I am not really big on cake. Probably because the majority of cakes I've had are the ones with like 3 inches of generic overly sugary frosting.

I like cupcakes better because they're small and precious and generally have more quality put into them then the cakes I've had before.

Out of all desserts I'd say I'd pick creme brulee over anything. I love it when it's infused with other flavors like vanilla, with fruit in the bottom of it. I had a really amazing one in New York at a now defunct restaurant that used to look out at the cup ramen thing in Time Square (it's now some stupid ass lounge ) and the thing was HUGE, but amazing and had strawberries and blueberries cooked inside the custard so when you scooped out a big spoonful they where at the bottom of the dish but not at all burnt or 'popped'.

La Madeline is a restaurant in the South that's sort of a French-based 'bistro' with a pastry house inside and they have creme brulee cooked in a graham cracker crust so you can eat the whole thing. So good. Nerrrrgggg.

I really want to try Lavender Creme Brulee:

Edit:I almost forgot to mention 'sushi boat'/Kompai in Chicago has an amazing green tea creme brulee!
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