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First CON under my belt! Pictures in my profile of the Harpoon!Sherlock, but am still waiting for the picture of my purple shirt/hedgehog john sherlock. I'm going to take the harpoon home to my parents' house next weekend and have my dad help me make it more screen accurate. Ah, to have power tools. I never thought there would be a day I wish I had a power drill, but that day has come.

On my to buy list:

I am contemplating a Not Our Division Lestrad cosplay for a con in September. Here's a wig I like, a bit longer, but I think a good color match.

Of course, who can tell what the color actually is unless they see it? I may visit actual wig shops in town so I can see it up close and personal.

Then just have to stalk Goodwill for an appropriate tshirt, find a fake donut and sturdy disposable coffee cup.
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