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Project: MichaelMau5

Acrylic dome is mapped out, mouth needs work, ears and eyes will come soon. I've done the measurements based on the actual measurements released by Deadmau5 of the original head. Five inch space between the eyes, two inches between bottom of eye and mouth, two inches between neck hole and bottom of mouth, crudely drawn eyes four inch in diameter, and 3.5 inch space between where the ears will go, may increase this to possibly five inches. The bottom has been cut 8.5 inches by 8 inches so I can fit my head inside. The template of the original Deadmau5 head said the hole should be 8 x 7, but my ears we getting caught when the hole was this size, so I shaved off half an inch from both sides as well as half an inch from the back for an easier removal.

The base of the head is a 14 inch acrylic dome primarily used for lights. You can find it by searching "14 inch acrylic globe" on Amazon for about 23 bucks. I'm gonna take a different route than the usual Mau5heads people make. Rather than using material to cover the head (which would be the next step after getting the eyes on and the mouth cut out), I'm gonna take it few steps beyond that for a more sleek look and a more sturdy head. After I get the mouth cut out and the eyes glued in, I'm gonna attach the ears (still need to go out and buy foam), and then cover the bad boy with some Bondo Body Filler. After that, I just need to sand it down to a very smooth surface, prime it, fix mistakes, paint it up, seal it, and install some LEDs. I'm thinking I'm gonna go with the EvilMau5 look (sort of). It's gonna be all black, with red LEDs. Unfortunately, for the mouth to fit with this set up, I'm gonna need to go out and find a motorcycle helmet's visor that will fit into the head. Two fans are going to be installed in the back of the head for nice airflow, and to add more of a look for the back. A lot of Mau5head makers neglect the back of the head, actually, more accurately, a lot of Mau5head makers put all of their mistakes in the back of the head. For example, unsightly seams of fabric, or improper folding of material, are usually found there. If I add fans, it'll add more visually, especially if I add LEDs to the fans. This is ultimately going to be for show, though, so I wont be wearing it too often. Maybe for something like a Halloween party, A-Kon, or perhaps a Deadmau5 concert.

I DO have one question, though. Will I be able to put in fiberglass resin in the inside for a sturdier build? I don't know if it will stick to the plastic. A work in progress, I'll update this thread as I continue the build. (PS: How would I be able to add pictures to this thread, and not count it as spam?)
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