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The Sexy Roxas Love You!
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Talking 2013 Kingdom Hearts Gathering

Yes The Sexy Roxas Is Taking Back Her Gathering! WHOS READY TO HAVE A BALL!!!!

Creator Of The List: TARDISTimeLord

• Date: TBA
• Time: TBA
• Location: TBA

• Organizer(s)- Hitomichan99
• Assistant(s)- Distorted-SOUL

• Attendee Count: 1


• Sora-
• Riku-
• Kairi-
• Aqua-
• Terra-
• Ventus-

Organization XIII:

• I Xemnas-
• II Xigbar-
• III Xaldin-
• IV Vexen-
• V Lexaeus-
• VI Zexion-
• VII Saix-
• VIII Axel- silver yami
• IX Demyx-
• X Luxord-
• XI Marluxia-Distorted-SOUL (School Boy)
• XII Larxene-
• XIII Roxas- Hitomi-chan99 (Twilight Town)
• XIV Xion-

Other Villains:

• "Ansem" Heartless-
• Master Xehanort-
• Vanitas-
• Heartless-
• Nobodies-
• Dream Eaters-
• Unversed-

Other (non-disney) Characters:

• Cloud Strife-
• Sephiroth-
• Neku Sakuraba-
• Squall Leonhart-
• Aerith-
• Yuffie Kisaragi-
• Cid Highwind-
• Namine-
• Ansem the Wise (DiZ)-
• Master Eraqus-
• Lea-
• Ienzo-
• Isa-
• Braig-
• Tifa Lockhart-

others to be added upon request

Disney Characters:

• King Mickey-
• Goofy-
• Donald Duck-
• Peter Pan-
• Cinderella-
• Ariel-
• Pete-
• Maleficent-
• Belle-
• Beat-
others to be added upon request.

Photo Order:
Sora Individual
Riku Individual
Roxas Individual
Organization 13 Group
Organization 13 Individual
Twilight Town Group
Birth By Sleep Group
Destiny Island Group
Kairi Individual
Namine Individual
Xion Individual
Kairi And Namine Pair
Sora And Riku Pair
Axel And Roxas Pair
Sora And Kairi Pair
Namine And Roxas Pair
Roxas And Xion Pair
Villians Group
Final Fantasy Group
Heartless Group
Disney Characters Group
Special Requests
Day 0 Alice Mcgee
Day 1-Hibiya Izaya From Durarara,For Ball: Canterella Miku And Magnet Rave Miku Or Mikuo
Day 2-For Gathering Lily Evans From HP, For Gathering Ciel Phantomhive From Black Butler, And Fem!Izaya From Durarara!!!
Day 3- Zoey From L4D

And One Day Judal From Magi
And Melody From The Little Mermaid For Traci Hines Concert

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