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@qingyin: You saw a Natori?! Lucky! Hope we get some for our gathering.
It would be so cool if you cosplayed Matoba! *o* I'll look forward to your comment.

@Ki0: Of course you can join!
By the way, luv your icon. (That same pic was my desktop for a while.)
If you were the winter-Natsume, I think I took your photo at Artist Alley. I was the Flying Mint Bunny at one of the tables, who started calling out to you, like a squealing fangirl. #^^;#
It'd be great if Taki & your friends could join us!
Those Houzuki cosplayers were awesome. Got a pic of 1...the same embarassing way I got yours. #~.~#
I don't think kagehumioni is much of a spoiler, but I won't translate it unless we all agree. It's a great idea! Thanks! It would go perfectly with a shot of Sensei's drinking party. We could always just pose like we're playing, if it's too hot to actually play the game.

Looking forward to everyone signing books! ^o^
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