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@ Liliana: I will do my best. I am not as bad as Usagi/Serena, I trip a lot, but I don't fall very often! :P And I agree, that place looks a lot like Vector. It's really cool!! We could always photoshop you in!! "Is that Emperor photo-bombing a FF6 shoot?" :P

@ MDA: Awesome!! Are you getting pretty close?

@ FinalEvangelion: The heat didn't actually hit here until a few weeks ago. Maybe right at the end of June. But it's is odd that the West Coast is relatively cool this year while the more central states are turning to crispy bacon. ^^; The beach was nice though, I always love hearing the sound of the ocean waves.

Locations: Yeah I must admit I am not sure how close they will let you get to something like that, but even having one of those shots from behind the group looking at it might still be really cool! And yes I agree. I would love to look for a Celes and Cyan a little closer to the con. Maybe at the beginning of the year in case someone wants to join but doesn't have the costume made yet?

Lord Helmet: Ha ha! Yes of course!!

Night / Snow shoot: Well you are lucky then, I just get cold. :P But yes, bringing coats would certainly help. :P And wow, what a lovely mountain! That could wok!

And that Amano drawing would be awesome to do. If I had the money, I would love to build sets for shoots. I think that would be a blast! Plus it's something that you just don't see much of anymore.

Workout: I walked more yesterday! It feels really good to get out there and do something, even if it's just a little bit of walking here and there. Like you though, I feel more rested and more relaxed/less stressed when I workout. My kitty likes to think she wants to go outside, but when she does she rolls in the dirt and cries. I bought a harness yesterday though, so we will see if she wants to learn how to walk with me.

12 Kingdoms: Responded.

My Progress: Wonderflex and armor certainly take a bit of practice before you feel comfortable. There are still some projects I struggle with. Doing armor for myself was really annoying for me (especially the breastplate) because I am so used to making armor for other people. As for LoD, eep! I don't know if I am ready for that one yet. I still have my list to go through. ^^;

Cosplay Fixes: Thanks! I am excited too! I would love to make a wig I can wear for longer and yes this will be the last thing I will have to do for Terra. Yays! Chun-Li was a bunch of tiny little fixes actually, so it was super easy. I agree though, the first wear of a cosplay is really to figure out what you need to fix for the next go.

Cookies: Me too! I love baked goods!! I cannot resist cookies and cakes. :P

Your Update: Oh ha ha, I have relatives visiting this weekend too. How funny. I hope you have fun at your mini con though!! Sometimes those are nice! I find that I am more inspired and motivated to work on my cosplays even after the tiniest of cons.

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