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Originally Posted by kazumas View Post
[size=1I actually like the idea of kagehumioni! Although definitely if it isn't too hot and we have the room. Posing is also a great option if we can't do the game. It would be really neat if someone even brought a mat for us to sit on and we had drinks of some sort. xD[/size]
There's actually a big overhang, making a huge shaded area near LACC gathering site #2. Just above the stairs at West Hall B & Pico Blvd, gatherings have migrated there for games. If you're not afraid to trip on kimono or slippers, we could play kagehumioni there.

I get into trouble when I make too many promises, but I'm going to try and bring props for the "Dog Party". I could bring some ground blankets and obento boxes. If anyone has a sake set, that would save me the trouble of making a prop set. Or, I could bring tea sets.

I wasn't thinking about real food, but how about it? Does anyone else want to try and bring real food and/or drinks for the "Dog Party"?
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