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I'm a bit late to the game, but I had a lot to deal with work so now I can finally post stuff in detail!

Pros: It did feel like there was a lot more room this year. Unfortunately people seemed really rude, just generally getting in the way and being obnoxious, not keeping to the side of the halls and constantly stopping in the middle of the hall blocking paths, but it still felt a lot more roomy than the previous year. I enjoyed seeing the different stores in the Dealers Room, a lot of old ones, and a lot of new ones. I particularly enjoyed seeing the video game place, I actually bought a few games there because the guy gave me deals on them. I hadn't seen him before, so I thought that was nice, to actually be able to find video games.

I did also like the fact there were signs by the doors to show the current panels going on! That was very helpful and I hope they do it again next year!

I also finally saw the Fire Show, that was very amazing I enjoyed that thoroughly! I hope that it continues to be there over the next few years.

Cons: Some of the panels were better this year but (and I know that this is fully out of Metrocons control) but some of them were... well let's just say my boyfriend and I left the Dr. Who panel early because we didn't think it was going to start out as a concert of fan made songs... We thought it would be a trivia thing, but they were actually very loud and we couldn't understand them... So we just got up and left because we couldn't bear through it. I really do hope that it did get better after we left, we just didn't want to stay for a concert. I think that since they were preforming a concert it would have been better for them to be in the main hall, they were cramped in such a small room, I kind of felt bad for them Maybe at Megacon they will have more space to preform. Although I am glad there was a wider variety of panels there, I enjoyed most of them! Missed a few of the ones I'd like to have gone to, but alas, they were at the same times as other ones! Too many panels to pick from! Agh! XD

Also, for the Costume Contest-please please get people who can speak more clearly! I was back stage helping a group out and I could not understand a word they were saying! I'm not sure about the front of the stage, but I could barely make out what they were calling out. I wasn't the only one either, I'm sure we would not have realized we were being called up if the back stage people hadn't been guiding the next group up as the current one was walking on.

And another thing on the Costume Contest... can we get some more appropriate music? I mean, if there is a certain show or something, they should use that theme, not some Lady Gaga song... I think I remember when that little girl went up in the MLP dress and some pop song was playing that was less than appropriate. Keep it with the theme of the cosplay! If there is an InuYasha group, play Inuyasha music! If it's Sephiroth, play his theme! I know those sound bites are out there! Don't just pick a random song because it's popular!

I really did enjoy this Metrocon-even if my costume had malfunctions-and I hope the next year will be even greater!

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