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DUDE. You know your a great crossplayer when I think I saw you at AnimeNext, but thought you were a girl.

Do I pass? At all? Even though I'm crossplaying the girliest character ever?
*too lazy to use a picture other than my avi...* I also kinda purposely have all my wigs go over my eyes because that seems like the easiest way to hide a girly face, and for people that need to take off their glasses, an excuse for not seeing.

Cosplays: Brock (Pokemon) 95%, L (Death Note) 100%, Kurapica (Hunter X Hunter) 100%, Bikky (FAKE) 40%, Count D (Pet Shop Of Horrors) 70% Dave Strider (Homestuck) 95%
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Friday: Sober! Gamzee Makara (Homestuck) 80%
Saturday: Mituna Captor (Homestuck) 80%
Sunday: Mituna Captor (Homestuck) 80%
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