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Originally Posted by Yazoo_the_Kazoo View Post
Dean is really hard to get a wig for. Jensen Ackles's hair is so short that his scalp is exposed in most places, so really I don't know what to tell you. I guess you could use either a Roni or (though I hesitate to recommend a wig seller I've never bought from) Super Short from the wig store here on Coscom and cut the top down. Maybe go for Dean's earlier season hairstyle where his hair was a little bit longer? It's still really hard to achieve with a wig though. If you do end up using Roni, 24BT/18 would probably be the best color to use.

Castiel and Sam, however, I can tell you exactly which wigs are best to use.

Cas, Roni is your best option, the hair is even the slightest bit wavy on the sides like Misha's. The top needs to be trimmed up a bit, but this is the same wig I use, so it definitely works. Depending on your skin tone, 2 or 4 are the best colors.

Sam, I actually use a different wig for than the one that I'm about to recommend, but I really don't like mine and I've actually been wanting to replace it. One of my good friends who is an awesome Sam cosplayer uses this wig, and it really looks great. It's Lulu by Arda-Wigs. The perfect color (Spanish Brown) is unfortunately out of stock, but you could easily get away with Dark Brown, or get a wig in a lighter shade (like Sandy Brown or Warm Light Brown) and dye it to the right color.
You... are... A GOD. <3 Thank you! I had one idea for Dean's hair, but Amphigory took it down just recently (they always take down the wigs I need right before I need them!) and I don't even know the name of the wig, and it's tough looking for it. Grrrr, real person short hair is so difficult! I was thinking about getting a super short wig and then just kinda spiking the hair towards the front. Yes, it won't be accurately short, but that's the price I'm gonna pay for keeping my hair.

Also, I've already taken a great liking to gun shopping. There are so many toy guns that could work, and some beautiful person has set up this website that names a lot of the weapons from SPN. Shotguns & glocks & knives, oh my!
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