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@Seifer -

Heat: It's getting high 70s in the middle of July and people are saying it's hot here. From where I came from, I'm really loving this. People say "Summer" starts on the 4th of July. I'm enjoying the break from the rain for a while and glad not to be in Texas right now. Where you live, it's cold in the winter and hot in the summer?

Locations: I think having a photo of you guys approaching the area would be cool (or leaving it). It seems good for any steampunk setting. I agree - we should see if people want to make a costume at the beginning of the year and then figure out a time and place as it gets closer. I'll make a post on Cosplay Seattle FB page as well. I'd love to have Gestahl for that area, but that's not on the books until 2014.

Snow shoot: It does look really nice. I'll try to see if there are any closer places to the city, though, if I can.

Amano Drawing: That's what I really liked about old movies before all the CGI came in like the Star Wars trilogy. Alot of things would be possible with more money. We just need to get Square Enix to sponsor us to advertise for the eventual 3DS remake. Joking aside, I wouldn't mind doing some big cosplay set like that.

Workout: Good for doing some more walking. I did as well - although only about 30 min. because my parents arrived. Tomorrow, I'll be walking all over downtown Seattle doing the touristy stuff with them. Awesome that you got a harness for him! Can't wait for the pics of that.

Armor: The dressform has really saved me a lot when doing armor for myself. I can see it being easier to measure on other people's bodies. I can see body armor / breastplates for women being much more difficult too for having many more curves. As for LoD, it's looking to be 2015 at this rate. I usually do one very large project per year, and a couple smaller ones if I can. 2014's big one will be Gestahl. I also want to fit Link's Zora armor in there.

Speaking of Zelda, Sarah invited me to the your Triforce Goddess FB page. It looks like a major project. I remember talking about it briefly. When is that happening? I'm sure I'll be getting photos of that at some point as well.

Cosplay Fixes: Good to hear that's the last thing you have to do for Terra and that Chun-li wasn't too difficult. With Zidane, I'm still stuck on trying to make the belt more accurate to the look on the sides of it.

Cookies: Cakes are good too. Maybe I need to bring some baked goods to the shoots next year.

Parents: Mine decided to come up when it wasn't so much like Seattle (July and not rainy). As for the minicon, I have a feeling that they are going to drag me into work that day. I do like the small cons, though.
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