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Anime Expo Yu-Gi-Oh! Gathering 2013

Alright. Deciding to plan this early because I could not attend the 2012 Yugioh gathering.
The gatherings weren't very well thought out for 2012 and all ended up landing on the same day. So instead of Saturday, LIKE EVERY OTHER GATHERING. We're going to do this on Friday since AX next year will be held from the 4th-7th.
I'm thinking late afternoon perhaps? 2 or 3 is my guess. Time and location is open for debate!

I usually cosplay Marik Ishtar, but as soon as I get the money, I shall be starting my Astral cosplay ^^

Yugioh cosplayers:
Rare Hunter-Pokashi

Yugioh GX cosplayers:

Yugioh 5D's cosplayers:

Yugioh Zexal cosplayers:
Kore Demo Shitsuji DEATH~!
Grell x Will. The TRUE red x black.

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