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ALA 2013 Touhou Project Gathering

Hi everyone!

I and BigBoss-BigNeko thought that we would like to start planning for the Touhou Project gathering for Anime Los Angeles 2013! For those who don't know who I am I was cosplaying Rinnosuke at ALA 2012 and was only there on day three taking pics and video and was Eirin at both Sakura-Con and at Anime Expo this year.

Touhou Project is a very awesome series of bullet hell games created by ZUN and created a worldwide phenomenon with music, fan-games, fan-art, and of course cosplay!

1/1 Update: Now I going to put up the official lineup of the how the gathering is going to run.

DATE: Friday January 4th, 2013
TIME: 12:00 P.M.
LOCATION: Patio Area (by sliding doors)

Organizers: BigBoss-BigNeko, jay421501 (we are in constant communication via skype to plan out for the upcoming gathering)

All types of touhou cosplayers are welcome at the gathering from the games themselves, from fangames, genderbends, alternate color outfits, as long as you love touhou you're welcome to join us!

Here is the roster so far. Also we will include those people who we know thru other social media (i.e. facebook, skype, deviantart) that don't have an account here. They will be added in the roster once confirmed. (will be updated constantly and those with ???-not yet confirmed)

Official Line Up

-Pre Gathering Preparations (Intro and Rules (2-3 mins.)
-Big Group Shot (2-3 Mins for photographers to get their shots in)
-Each game series (2/30 second sessions for poses)
-Any Requests (OTP's, skits, funny stuff)
-Final Group Shot (1 Minute)

Touhou 1-5 (PC-98)

Touhou 6 (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)/Main Characters
-BigBoss-BigNeko (Genderbend Marisa)
-cloudyheaven (Patchouli Knowledge)
-Kotodama from Deviantart (Marisa Kirisame UFO version) ???
-SL3661 (Sakuya Izayoi) ???
-Amethyst Nat (Marisa Kirisame) ???

Touhou 7 (Perfect Cherry Blossom) (2/30 sec sessions)
-Enjiko- (Yukari Yakumo-PCB version)
-Amethyst Nat (Alice Margatroid) ???

Touhou 8 (Imperishable Night)
-jay421501 - (Eirin Yagokoro)
-Amethyst Nat's friend - (Fujiwara no Mokou)

Touhou 9 (Phantasmagoria of Flower View)

Touhou 10 (Mountain of Faith)
-Skyhawktenshi14 (Aya Shameimaru)

Touhou 11 (Subterranean Animism)
-Melancholy Wish (Yuugi Hoshiguma)

Touhou 12 (Undefined Fantastic Object)
-Silvermokona from Deviantart- (Kogasa Tatara)
-Tokio Amarfi (Nue Houjuu)???
-Skyhawktenshi14- (Shou Toramaru)

Touhou 13 (Ten Desires)

Touhou Fighting Games (IAMP, SWR, Hisoutensoku, Hopeless Masquerade)

Touhou Miscellaneous Characters
-Kotodama from Deviantart-(Advent Cirno) ???
Convention Schedule/Cosplay
Sabakon 2017 (November 18-20 2017) Teitoku (KanColle), Meira (Touhou Project)
Anime Los Angeles 2018 (January 25-28 2018) Teitoku (KanColle), Meira (Touhou Project)


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