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07/11/12 Update: I fixed the mouth, fixed the neck hole for a more round and even look, and I went out and bought the majority of the materials I'm gonna need to get this thing done. (Spent about 240 bucks today, sheesh!). Since the eyes are still coming in the mail, and probably wont be here until next week, I'm gonna go ahead and make the ears and cut out the mouth. I decided to make the ears out of styrofoam, since it's stiff and lightweight. Then I'm gonna cover the ears with duct tape, and coat this with bondo body filler. Also, rather than go out and buy a visor and hope one fits, I'm gonna save the mouth piece I cut out and add a dark tint to it. That'll give me a perfect match. PS: SAND PAPER IS FRIGGIN' EXPENSIVE! I'm getting excited, myself, with how this thing is coming along, so I think I'm gonna update with some pictures after I get the ears cut out. Stay tuned!

07/12/12 Update! Alright, so I have the ears cut out, the mouth has been cut out, the neck hole was rounded, the eyes were repositioned to accommodate the new mouth size (I made it wider, and angled the upper lip to about 5 degrees, increasing the original open mouth's height from 5 inches to 6 inches), foam was added around the neck, 3/8 inch lips made of foam were added inside the mouth, resin was applied to the lips and neck foam, and a 15 degree line for the ears was drawn. Here are the pics.

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