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Originally Posted by Jabberwack View Post
Mariss, if that panel happens, I will attend it. I SHALL.
Ikaeri, if we are going to do a meet-up, it should be on Saturday, yeah. I went to the con last year, and still have a map of Javits Center. I can help out in finding a meet-up place, but only if everyone agrees to it.
You all know my cosplays, if you see me, glomp me or something, and if I see you, I'll probably follow you around out of boredom. It's going to happen. If it happens to be a clone cosplayer of you, it'll be awkwardly funny.
Yeah, I really hope it's accepted! We got accepted for AnimeNEXT in June (which we're reapplying for), so hopefully they'll like us! Sadly though we're having trouble finding replacements for 4 characters that can't go this time.
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