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Name of Commissioner: Hello_Nessy, Nessy Padilla
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Axel's Weapons and a Riku Keyblade.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: (Never received the item.)
Timeline (how long your order took to process): Over four months. NEVER RECEIVED THE ITEM.
Describe your Experience. I contacted her around April 5 asking her for quotes on some props after seeing her website and finding her advertisement on's Marketplace. She replied and after discussing quotes, she seemed very eager to work on the project and asked for measurements and all, I went to commission her for two props. One month passed, May came by, so did June, and not a single update. On June 2nd I e-mailed her giving her an ultimatum and telling her that I would file a complaint with Paypal if she did not reply and if she did not update me. I received an e-mail from her older sister on June 5th, using her own e-mail, apparently she had been...stampeded, and was recovering from the horrible accident at the moment.

Said e-mail:
"Good Morning Ma'am/Sir,

My name is Ira, I'm Inez's sister, She own Hello Nessy Cosplay Shop. I just wanted to ask what is your costume, name of character, from what show & a brief description how its supposed to look like?
I'm sorry for this late reply and I'm really sorry to inform you that my sister had been in a stampede accident, she just recovered last week and she informed me about costume orders, my aunt who is a seamstress had brought several cosplay costumes in our house and there are also some props like weapons and accessories, if Im not wrong, I believe your costume is one of those.
Also my sister told me for those who've missed their deadlines, kindly inform me with your reply as she wants to give compensation for those by shouldering the shipping fee of the package. For those who she missed deadlines with we want to apologize as what we encountered is unexpected, We're hoping for your kind consideration, If your deadline is not yet missed & will be coming soon, please do let me know as well so I can process shipping as soon as possible. Thank you very much and may God bless you always!

Ira Marie Padilla"
I was told that I would be contacted in a few weeks, because apparently there was a prop in their house, but they needed to know from who it was. So in a week or so I would have a reply from then and it will be shipped. After this, June came and went and to this day, even after sending her multiple e-mails, she has not contacted, nor sent me any props.

Final Grade: F---- (AVOID HER!)
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