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Originally Posted by Kokoro Hane View Post
Anyone already have their cosplays planned out? ^.^
yes, I decided practically the day after AX that I was going to be making an ANBU cosplay for me and my boyfriend I needed another thing to look forward to once AX was over. lol

Originally Posted by Evil Bishounen View Post
PMX is A LOT smaller than AX, yes. The size is about on par with Anime Los Angeles.

I might go, but I'm not sure yet. I don't really have much incentive right now, so it'll partially depend on what guests are announced over the next few months.
Yeah I believe they are around a 3,000 people con from what ive heard, is that right?

One thing I love about PMX is that they announce their guests early enough for you to actually plan to see them, and know what you are buying a badge for

they have a handful of people announced already
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