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Cool Mage Guilds Gather! Fairy Tail Gathering 2013!

Yoi-te here, I was sad that I didn't get to make my cosplay for this gathering in time. So now Ima make sure that I make it. Let's make this an early start. I'm here to help out a friend who hosted the gathering for this the 2012 gathering. I was really happy that it turned out to be a really awesome gathering. Now let's say we make this gathering on 2013 even more F-U-N.
Do hope the gathering next year doubles out.

Start off some OST music to make an entrance and as we wave our Fairy Tail Flag.

Day: Day 3 (Saturday/July 6)
Time: 3:00 pm (Click for Map Viewing)
Location: West Hall Entrance

___________________The list___________________
Fairy Tail Guild
Mavis - sjxkhr
Makarov - blackmokona

Class S
Erza - somegirlkatie, SuperDubu's friend, DN6412's friends,CoffeePanda78's
Laxus - blackmokona's friend


Natsu Dragneel - ichigo0213, yrureadindis[female ver.], blackmokona's friend, raven1942
Gray Fullbuster - crimsonrazac
Lucy - DN6412, mudkips
Gajeel - yrureadindis's friend [Female Ver.]
Juvia - SuperDubu, CoffeePanda78's
Wendy - SuperDubu's friend, DN6412's friend
Evergreen - *~*Neko*~*
Levy - lunarism

Minerva - SuperDubu's friend
Sting Eucliff - Kamasu XIII
Rouge - Frozen1ne, KlaudNYNE, Wolfking1

Twilight Ogre

Lamia Scale

Oracion Seis
Midnight - Hoopikkin

Blue Pegasus

Quatro Cerberes

Mermaid Heel
Kagura Mikazuchi - SuperDubu's friend

Raven Tail

Phantom Lord

Cait Shelter

Crime Sorciere
Jellal Fernandes - Krisokami (maybe)

Celestial Keys
Loke- DN6412's friend
Virgo - CoffeePanda78's, Hoopikkin's Friend
Aries - Hoopikkin(maybe)

Death's Head Caucus Guild
Ikaruga - CoffeePanda78


__________________ Alias : Krisokami
Alias: Yoi-te
[Next Con AX 2013]

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