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As a rebuttle to Kkroxas, yes, she sent me the boots. What she failed to mention was that they were LACE-UP BOOTS. You can't attach wonderflex pieces to something that falls apart when you put on the boot. I told her that I could.not use these boots for this commission and I asked her what I She said just send them back, I'll pay I'm Friday. Come Friday (today), she gets her 'sister' to saying I'm scamming her and she's.not.going to pay the labor fees for the commission. I did in fact make the parts, paint and seal them. They are nit attachable. I told her to get better boots, possibly rain boots. I believe she is trying to off because when I told.her I would best to attach them even though its probably.not going to stay or look good, she told me to just keep the boots because I am 'wasting bee time'. After I finished the boots todaybeven though I knew they wouldn't stay, she has ignored me since.

Commissioners BEWARE.

Edit: She posted this review without giving me any chance to try and solve it, and when I told her I got them on their (even though they won't stay) she said keep them and is ignoring My emails.

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