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Originally Posted by FinalEvangelion View Post
@MDA: Maybe I'll be able to get some photos with you if you bring Rydia to AN 2014 with my Cecil. I guess you have a couple FF9 costumes as well, so that could be cool too.

@Everyone: Not much in terms of updates today. My parents are coming from Texas tomorrow, so I was getting my place cleaned up. This Saturday, I am looking to go with a friend to a small one day Con in Liliana's and MDA's land (Vancouver). I probably wont' wear a costume and just take pictures instead. I like to have a place to stay if I'm wearing a costume.
You're making me very tempted to bring Rydia for that year xD Though I need to keep a slot open for my one friend since I only see her at AN, and we like to do a cosplay toghether every year. Unless I can corrupt her into FFIV cosplay >> Only character I know of that she's done from FF is Yuna in her Gunner Dressphere - but that was in 2004, and she hasn't done a female character since - but I know she's interested in doing Cid Highwind from VII And now I want to bring Garnet to AN again, unless I bring Kuja... or some other FFIX character I make by then... darn it xD

I'm starting to think, that for now, the only character that's absolutely 100% is Kaito from Vocaloid in the Venomania gown. I'll decide closer to of which other two I take. Unless AN becomes four days by then, that would make life a bit easier.

And yay! Which Canadian con is it that you're going to? You need to come to one in Ontario that you know Liliana and I will be at (Con-G, AN for both of us)

Originally Posted by Seifer-sama View Post
@ MDA: Awesome!! Are you getting pretty close?
I did an embroidery line under where I have some of the beadwork, but most of the work on the corset will be beadwork.

But I have a question for you, since you know more about embroidery than I. Two actually.
1) How do you do a cross-stitch for embroidery? (my mom hasn't done it in 40 years and doesn't remember how to do it)
2) How would you recommend I do the embroidery for the red triangles on Kefka's cape?
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