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Aika S. Granzchesta, summer uniform, short-haired version

Why? -- I love the ARIA series. It's so heart-warming and beautiful, and out of all the characters, Aika and her mentor Akira were my favourite characters because they felt the most real to me. However, it's pretty rare to see ARIA cosplays, so I've decided I'd like to cosplay Aika. It's not a particularly revealing outfit, but it is form-fitting and, well, white just isn't slimming like black is =/

What I'm Doing to Get in Shape -- I've only just started, really >_< But, I've begun logging everything that I'm eating and drinking and am aiming to eat a bit less (I give in to cravings far too easily) and eat healthier. I also aim to hit the gym more often, although I go a little less because of my work (I wanted to go today but it's my only day off between shifts and I did enough running around yesterday to count for a work out, I think!)

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