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Name of commissioner: Brilikesmoose

Website/forum profile:

Character commissioned and series: A Raichu gijinka/Pokemon

Picture of item: I didn't really have a set-in-stone idea so I talked it over with her and this was the turn out!

Time it took: Maybe a month? Not long and was shipped very quickly!

VERY responsive with e-mails, she takes pride in being a quick responder and answers all questions in a professional manner. We had a little hiccup because I share a PayPal account with my mother who doesn't really know prices that well. But she kept her calm and was very understanding. She knows how to put herself in other's shoes and is very considerate.

The hiccup was the only con but that was my fault. The costume was a success and a lot of people love it. It was simple and cute!

She is very keen on making customers happy and always checks her e-mails and sends tons of progress pictures! It was my first time ever commissioning someone and I'm really happy it was someone as reliable as her! Will gladly ask her for commissions in the future! Maybe a supa' cute Cyndaquil gijinka!

Grade: A+ Professional, considerate and cute designs!

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