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Black Widow help

Hello! I am a new cosplayer and I am interested in doing Black Widow for GMX in the fall, and others if I like and/or improve on the outfit. I've been looking for now at finding the bodysuit because, as the biggest part of the outfit, it's been the most difficult to find. I am interested mostly in trying to get a bodysuit that would look more like the movie version of Black Widow, rather than the super shiny ones that most of the comic book cosplays seem to have. I would like to have a zipper up the front as well. Unfortunately, I'm awful at sewing, so making one myself is not really going to work. Does anyone have any suggestions for buying one or getting one commissioned? Any help would be amazing and greatly appreciated.

pictures for reference

also, I posted this in the General Construction board as well... I wasn't sure which was the proper place. :/
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