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Cosplay group for AX?
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AX 2013 Vocaloid Gathering~!

I'm putting what's a necessity up, I do have everyone's names down, but has issues with me.

Day 1: Facebook event-
Host- Kotarou
Time-1:00 PM
Place- Outside South Hall lobby

Day 3: Facebook event-
Hosts- Britnee and Sam (Kotarou is definitely helping ;D)
Time- 1:40 PM
Place: Site 1

Oh, and preferably before the dances, Maples224 and her friends had planned a flag routine, but didn't manage on getting their application for the masquerade in on time. SO, they will be performing that towards the end of the main gathering on day three. Cool, right?

I'm sorry I suck at updating and my computers are horrible TT^TT I truly did not mean to be the most irritating slacker in the world. Everyone, make sure if you get the chance, to thank Kotarou for being amazing and trying to get this all together while all of my family's computers (and mobile devices) decided to bail.
(If it helps, I did post my problem on Yahoo! Answers and some tech support forum. The results, however, were disappointing)

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