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Originally Posted by wisetaner View Post
Ok, this may sound kind of silly, but how should go about finding a group of people to attend the con with? I'm guessing it would be through this site as I don't currently know anyone around me interested in this.

Should I just create a new thread, asking that question? Or is there an easier way?

I think I would just have a lot more fun and be a lot more at ease if I were meeting up and hanging out with other cosplayers while at the convention. Mostly because it's my first convention and I'm a wee bit nervous about dressing up and all.

Also, is it better to get a locker while at the convention and change into costume there? Or should I put most of the costume on in my dorm and then drive there? Would do most cosplayers do?
Well if you want, if you see my name on my badge (ParanoidScream) say hi =). You could post a thread if you want on a meet up or something. My group and I are doing the "over the border drive" ( We're Canadian :P) so we're likely dressing up before we go haha.
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