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So I love me some L.A Noir gais.

But there's one case you do while in the 'Traffic' desk that really makes me uncomfortable. Gonna put a spoilers tag on the description, as a warning it involves child (teen) abuse:

SPOILER: (highlight to read)

The case begins when you're called to a traffic accident and find that a famous actress and a young wanna-be starlet where drugged and the car was tampered with so they would go flying off the cliff in their flaming metal death trap. At the scene we find various items of evidence along with a pair of a teen girls torn up underpants that the other investigators say they will test for seamen.

As you go along through the story you find that a movie producer is taking advantage of young girls coming to Hollywood who are desperate for fame. He's been drugging and raping them on camera at one of this testing studios and keeping the film reels of it.

It's this huge hollywood 'thing' happening and you've got to track down pedophile and protect him in this huge mobster shoot out so you can bring him to jail.

At one earlier point in the investigation you try to get the young girl to admit she was raped and she's just laying in this hospital bed denying everything and it's really difficult to get her to say what happened. She just holds firm that she's fine and nothing bad happened.

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