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@mysticdragon3 - Ohhhh! I remember you! :]
I thought it was interesting how most of the people that recognized me were in the artist alley, I wonder why that is? xD
Yes, the Houzukis were great! I'm not entirely sure when the fourth season finished airing but I finished it not too long before AX started so I really wasn't expecting to see one!

I'm sad we can't have a banner =[ but sitting together, eating together, playing together, and chatting together sounds like so much fun! I hope I can get my friends to cosplay as well >< Although it's a long time from now, if things turn out the way I hope, my friends will cosplay as Sasada, Taki, Tanuma and some other youkai that... we aren't sure about yet xD
I think real food might be too expensive to bring for everyone too but drinking tea/sake together sounds so Natsume-ish!~ I can't help but smile thinking about it xD
I will see what I can bring!
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