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Gah, I'm so slow at checking this forum, sorry for the VERY late reply O_O *facepalm* ....ouch...gotta stop litterally facepalming myself *sweatdrop* ...I'll try to write something even though my mouse is driving me insane *glares at malfunctioning mouse*

@Liliana: ...the Setzer in me agrees with your Celes comment :P XD ...and couldn't make the gems, gotta make stupid Ike and Marth's swords gems before them afterall, completly forgot I had to make them for Otakuthon -_-; If you ever want to try resin though, you know where to get me for help, aka msn xD (and I won't post more hints of those jokes, especially not what came out yesterday of our brains... xD). ...and I've hidden the helmet behind wig head, IT can't look at the computer screen anymore, so don't worry :P xDD (gosh Cosmos, why did you had to start the helmet jokes again???). ...awesome new avatar btw, you've taken new pics of your Emperor I take it?

@Terra~Esper: Now the bribing ninjas with cookies for a skit makes all the more sense...x'D

@~~xXEl3KtRaXx~~: .....wait a second there....don't tell me.....oh god...Canada is Palamecia???? Meaning I'm stuck in Palamecia then???? O_O ....unless I'm stuck in the labyrinths...gah, where's Deumion when you need him??? *shakes fist in the air* ...oh, and good luck restarting ffx-2, I'd probably try to kill something if I had to redo the 100 dungeon (whatever the official name was, my brain is apparently boycutting it xD).

@Seifer-sama: Yup for Firion ^^ ...otherwise I'll have SOMEONE trying to stab me at the next con if I don't... x'D I can't wait to see everyone's cosplays either, you guys have awesome cosplays so far, so I can't imagine how good your FF2 cosplays will be! ...oh the pressure, as if Emperor wasn't enough for that...gotta do my best for Firion now ^^;

@tifaia: ...and the pressure is rising once again... xD I'll try to make him the best I can manage, even if it cost me as much as WoL! ....ok I absolutly need a job right now! ^^; And it shall be epic yes, I mean, you never see big groups of ff2 at cons, at least I've never seen any at AN! FF2 needs more love, the characters even though less developped than later FF games are simply addictive...

@FinalEvangelion: ....if you do bring Cecil to AN2014, and wear him the you mind if I take pics of you and Liliana, aka two Cecil? O.o ...well ok TRY to take pics, but then again with Kain's helmet out of the way, I think his armor will allow me to take pics for once, unlike WoL or Faris ^^; (and go Zora armor Link O.o Fav version of Link, I wish you luck making all those scales! ).

...on that, no new cosplay work apart from resin work on Ike and Marth......though uh...hey, I've finish Crystal Bearers (gosh that game was short O_O) and almost finish Echoes of Time, since I can play games without problems even with those stupid red spots....immune system going crazy is driving me insane, it's been 7 weeks now, get over it you stupid system of mine!!!! *cough*.

2014 cosplay:
Faris(FF5/Theatrym IOS) || Gakupo(Voc.Venomania) || Ryuuki(Sai.Mon.) || Viera White Mage(FFTA2)
2015 cosplay:
Caterina(TB) || Dragoon-Elezen(FF14) || Elsa(Frozen) || Elsa-Sith version(Frozen) || Merlwyb(FF14) || Seymour(FF10)
Future cosplay (2016):
Firion(FF2/DFF) || Mateus(FF12) || Mü(Saint Seiya) || Rutela(Zelda:TP)
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