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Originally Posted by BetwixtReality View Post
I would absolutely love that! Sadly though in about a month I will live way too far away. Like I said my situation is in flux. Right now I'm at my parent's place in Virginia for the summer, but in August I head back to university in Hawaii. (And to top that off, I should be graduating in December and then I don't know where I'm going. The list of possible is a semester studying abroad in China, heading back home and looking for work, or heading wherever I can get into grad school. T_T ) Though I really wish I could. You make an awesome Gin! (Been looking at your photos too!) I really can't wait to see the new pics!
Like I told you before, I know how that can be, unsure of where you end up.

I'll try adding myself next. Things to BetwixtReality, I found out in the Facebook AMA group.
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