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Originally Posted by Access View Post
And you really need to give the whole Freight thing a rest, this isn't about Freight, or you, or me, or anyone else for that matter. It's about AX, what went right, what went wrong, what can be done better, and so on.
You might as well stop talking to him. He's cherry-picking little phrases rather than comprehensively reading anything. If he read, he'd know that I'm not claiming to blow anything out of proportion. My wife suffered assault, and assault doesn't always constitute harm so much as offensive contact and potentially tort. If she was bruised, that would more likely fall under battery, even though that doesn't always have overt symptoms of physical harm either. (Spitting in someone's face can be charged as battery.)

He refuses to understand because he doesn't know the difference between the two, or the liability issues. He's also assuming that my recourse is to sue for money, and that doesn't interest me. I want to know who signed the contracts when in connection with the final acceptance of AX 2012's dates and if I had that, I would write a full letter to the SPJA Board requesting action and making that sure that person(s) record was updated since there's likely to be an election regarding the Board Members and operations members coming soon since Lattanzio was "resigned" last September.

Of course, sometimes simple concepts are overlooked by those who aren't paying attention.

What do you think in regard to music acts, Access? I always though AX should have a great marquee-level band like Orange Range or Asian Kung-Fu Generation, even another Vocaloid concert, followed up by newer acts, like LiSa or others, to draw the most available fans, in addition to a mystery or surprise appearance each year. Would sustained years like that push growth?
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