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Cosplay group for AX?
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Originally Posted by Kotarou View Post
I'll be attending as Len, but I don't know what version yet since it's way too early to plan and I don't know what days I'll be cosplaying as Len (too many factors like other cosplays/gatherings and if I have a Rin and if new costumes show up).

But for now, put me down for Senbonzakura Len.

I also have a request for the times of the Day 2 and 3 gatherings. Seeing that most concerts occur starting in the early- and mid-afternoon on Days 2 and 3, I think that for those days, we should have the gathering during the late morning or noon, since that will not conflict with any concerts going on. I remember that this was almost a problem last year.
Alright, I've been trying to change the poll from all days to two and three, but I don't have a clue how to do it I agree with the times considering I couldn't be there for the dances due to the LiSA concert.. The gathering itself (pictures) take around two hours I would estimate, the dances depend on who knows what but the chance AX plans two big events at close times is likely... Thanks for you input
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Maybe a Florida con.. :/

Cosplay Ideas:
Ulquiorra Schiffer
Gray Fullbuster
Glbert Nightray?
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