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Originally Posted by Freight View Post
What do you think in regard to music acts, Access? I always though AX should have a great marquee-level band like Orange Range or Asian Kung-Fu Generation, even another Vocaloid concert, followed up by newer acts, like LiSa or others, to draw the most available fans, in addition to a mystery or surprise appearance each year. Would sustained years like that push growth?
I don't know if it would increase attendance that much, I mean three to four thousand is the general ballpark for how much those concerts draw (or have drawn in the past, I believe). Nokia seats up to seven thousand thereabout when full (correct me if I am wrong) but have they ever filled the Nokia completely? And does someone who came for a big concert one year keep coming in subsequent years, or do they just move on to the next big thing?

But it would be good for the fandom, if nothing else. Seeing, for instance, what the vocaloid concert did for vocaloid fandom or awareness in general. It almost tripled, in the months leading up to and following the concert, even today it is x2 to x2.5 what it was before. Really that one concert made a lot of other things going on today possible.

Part of finding A-class talent is predictive, if you can find someone who has A-class potential in their earlier years, nothing wrong with that. I mean it sounds like people really enjoyed the LiSa concert... so really they did their job there well.
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