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Originally Posted by Access View Post
No, what I am saying is fault versus responsibility. As in, sometimes you have to deal with things in life that aren't your fault, but that it's still your responsibility to fix (by virtue of your position, duty, business model, leadership role, logistics, etc.) From the perspective of an event organizer, it should make sense. Throwing up your hands and saying "It's not my fault, therefore, I'm not going to try to address/fix/solve the problem (that is affecting people at my event)" is one of the worst things you can do.
So lets try to be clear on this, I believe you are still trying to support the view that AX could have easily changed dates, Honestly, , and I know this from personal experience, it is NOT as easy as you Forum heroes seem to think. There are so many issues involved, again, try doing it yourself and you might come to understand the situation better.

Not only does the venue then run the risk of losing Patron attendance, since people generally plan out their vacation windows according to the dates initially provided, and they may not have the flexibility to change their travel plans etc... But there is also the GoH's too, this industry is always working! While getting American GoH's might be a bit easier, since they are more local, this is a Japanese focused convention, and the Japanese industry is always at work in one way or another, they have very limited windows of free time, which may be one reason why AX only starts showing the GoH lists as it gets very close to the Convention.

In my area of entertainment, the GoH's I try to line up are often busy throughout the year on National tours, so to lock in a GoH for a specific date is one thing, but if I change the date of the event I know I will most probably lose the GoH, not always, but it has happened enough now that I no longer change event dates, also in every example where I changed a date, I LOST attendance and had to issue refunds, simply because the attendees in many cases had other plans on the new date that they could not change their schedules to accommodate the new date.

So while you guys go about looking at attendance figures, think for a bit, do you really think more people would have shown up for a new date had AX changed it? Now sure, I know you will fire back that some people decided NOT to attend this year due to the X-Games, lets nip that right away shall we, the numbers they lost for keeping the date are less then if they had changed it.

Oh sure, for the Californians attending the numbers might not have gone down much, but for all those flying in from across the country and from around the World, yes the losses would have been very very high indeed.

As far as any safety issues due to keeping the event date and dealing with X-Games, It went very well. I saw far more security in place both with AX staff, and with X-Games and Police on hand outside. There were whole squads of X-Games staff everywhere outside on the few occasions I was out in their area of security, they were all polite and helpful. The same with AX staff I met almost everywhere we walked about the LACC. This year they even had Peacebonding staff making the rounds of the LACC which I never saw before on previous visits to AX.

So, based on your statements, AX did take a look at the Safety issues and they did step up the security to deal with it.

Originally Posted by Freight View Post
He's cherry-picking little phrases rather than comprehensively reading anything. If he read, he'd know that I'm not claiming to blow anything out of proportion. My wife suffered assault, and assault doesn't always constitute harm so much as offensive contact and potentially tort. If she was bruised, that would more likely fall under battery, even though that doesn't always have overt symptoms of physical harm either. (Spitting in someone's face can be charged as battery.)

He refuses to understand because he doesn't know the difference between the two, or the liability issues. He's also assuming that my recourse is to sue for money, and that doesn't interest me. I want to know who signed the contracts when in connection with the final acceptance of AX 2012's dates and if I had that, I would write a full letter to the SPJA Board requesting action and making that sure that person(s) record was updated since there's likely to be an election regarding the Board Members and operations members coming soon since Lattanzio was "resigned" last September.
You like dancing in mine fields dont you? My problem with you is not with what happened to your wife, and I could care less about whether you wish to sue someone or not. You are still trying to hold either AX or some AX executive accountable for something that they had no control over, it did not happen within the areas they had control over, TRY AND GET THAT INTO THE EMPTY SPACE BETWEEN YOUR EARS. If you want to hold someone accountable, then it can only be the guy who assaulted your wife, and possibly the Hotel, THAT IS IT. Just as you could not hold Disneyland accountable if you got hurt outside of their property, the same holds true here.

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