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LOL You are stretching WAY too far on this one my friend. The Hand of Civil Liability in this instant can help you with a civil case against the Hotel, but a court will not let you stretch it out toward an Event, simply because they did not change a convention date, and two conventions were held at the same time. Remember, the city of Los Angeles allowed both events to take place at the LACC/Staples Center. There were two conventions, so trying to hold one accountable and not the other will not wash either. (Now, if a Riot had occurred between the two events, and your wife had been injured in said riot, then, even if it had happened at the hotel you might have been able to use this avenue.)

The example of loaning someone your car and then they have an accident is not applicable to the case you are envisioning here. The reason the owner of the car can be held accountable in such an instance is because it is HIS/Her's property and it was involved in the accident, the owner made a choice to loan the car out. A good example of this would be, if your wife had been injured at AX, you could also hold the LACC responsible, since they own the property the convention was held at and where the injury took place.

In your case, the incident happened at the hotel, that type of incident can happen in a hotel at any time, who knows, since your wife clearly cant tell us, whether the guy was drunk or not? If he was, did he drink at the hotel?

Again, a smart Lawyer would tell you to use a civil liability case against the Hotel, that would be your best chance for a WIN in court. Trying to pick and choose who to blame and reaching at proverbial straws is only going to waste a lawyer's and the court system's time, and again, the world will have let you down.

Best of Luck on this one.... Please let us all know how this pans out wont you? :P

Damn me but you are great for a laugh man, you really are.

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