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You are living with a delusion of Grandeur here that you can get some sort of personal revenge against AX or an AX executive. you go on and keep the faith on this one.

I honestly would advise you to listen to your buddy here, and I would advise you to try and keep your posts to the topic of this thread, which is simply feedback about this year's convention, whether you liked it or not, what you liked and did not like about it, and will you attend next year.

This thread is NOT about the political, executive structure of, nor the Financial history of Anime Expo. I am sure the AX staff is already very aware of their own political, executive, and financial situations, they only want to know what you thought about the convention this year, and any general suggestions about making it a better convention next year. They dont want to know about your personal vendettas, although I am sure their own lawyers are getting as much of a laugh out of your posts as I am.

use the K.I.S.S. system people. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

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