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Bruce Heinsius
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The soft lighting looks nice on your face but it could use some more warm color to go with your warm smile.

Your sister used a wide-angle lens, standing less than 6 feet away from you. This made your head look too big for your body. I suggest she uses a tele-photo lens like 85mm and be photographed from 6 to 10 feet away to avoid this distortion.

Shooting straight into walls can make for a boring background. Try using backgrounds that are far away to give your composition more depth' and possibly more out of focus backgrounds, so they are less distracting on the cosplayer.

I don't know your character, but your smiles seem nearly all the same. Try a variety of expressions with smiling bigger, and more subtlely. Try raising an eyebrow or two.

I like that sometimes you did not always look at the lens.

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