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Originally Posted by Access View Post
You are catastrophizing, I already gave two real-world and relevant examples (comic-con in the past and wondercon this year) where conventions changed with even less than 10 months warning. And both these were very successful events. This isn't a circular debate thread where you are encouraged to debate or criticize other's feedback about AX over and over again, really you are making far too many assumptions about everyone and need to just chill because most of us are just wrapping up and thinking about next event and next year.
The L.A. Marathon, as well, moved with less than 6 months warning.

It's interesting how his assumptions keep changing from minute-to-minute. Meh.

@Hakaider. I talked to a few people about their interest in going back to AX under my structure and had a positive response, so I don't see why not. The Touhou dinner went better than I thought it would for a lot of improvisation. The podcast I did, one of the other people interviewed recognized me and I was surprised. It's one of the coincidences you think isn't possible, but it happened. I didn't interact a terrible amount with them because I spent time with my wife and she's not terribly comfortable with new people, but they were all friendly and eager to help. Very, VERY nice people in the Touhou group.

The X-Games won't be there, so that headache is out of the way. My hope is that the AX works on it's inter-departmental and fan communication before then so things are clearer before and at the convention.
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