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@ MDA: Actually, that's about as far as my knowledge goes too! So we are in the same boat. You will have to take pictures though once you get some of it started. Also too, I always recommend embroidering on a test piece. I learned this with Terra, but just because the floss looks nice on its own doesn't mean it will look like that on your fabric. I bought a floss that I thought was red, but turned orange when I tested it on my fabric. :P

@ Tifaia: Hooray!!!! I convinced Eric to do Godot too... so now we have our own little group. :P Maybe we can wear these costumes on the same day as SF? It would be an easy switch at least. ^^;

Ha ha! Love the Shih-na cosplayer!! You wore yours at Fanime too right? I haven't gotten that far in the Pheeny series, but I am working on it! And lol, I am sure the Trinity Blood people were like "Aww.... she what's to photograph her instead of us. "

@ Nefer: Thanks! I am looking forward to it as well. I love Minwu!!

@ FinalEvangelion:

Weather: How nice! I am sure it's a welcomed change compared to Texas. It snows a bit here, the town 30 miles south gets a ton of snow. This last year was a sad year for snow though.

Location: Don't rush Gestahl, that's a big project. If you have time this year I would say start it, but I think it's too much to try and have it done by next year. I would love to see you and your three generals in one shot!

Snow shoot: We will see what we both can do. I don't want you to feel too pressured to have to get time off, since I know that's difficult enough as it is right now. Meeting halfway would be pretty fun too though! I have a friend in Portland, maybe I can ask her what areas she would recommend. I know that if I brought Yoko, there is a very cool Chinese garden in Portland.

Amano Drawing: Yeah the Zelda project is pretty amazing. it would be awesome if we could do it for FF6. I have to agree though, FF7 would probably get a better fanbase. Who knows though, maybe if it's done correctly it could be possible. And yes, this is basically what we would like to do for our Goddesses project. I think they might be a little easier though because we mainly wanted to focus on areas specifically related to each goddess. Din = Dessert, Farore = Forest, and Nayru = Water

Workout: Good for you and I am happy that you are making progress!! I went for a long walk this weekend and I am planning on doing some Yoga later today. I need to make sure I have more cardio and weight lifting in my routine but for now I am just starting slow.

Armor: Yeah the dressform won't help much with the legs. I think legs are easy enough to do on your own body if you have some help, but for the arms, I think you are going to need someone to help you. I am glad the foam ball helped though! And as for the scales for Zora armor, that's a clever idea!!

Goddesses: Thank you! Sarah actually drew the images, but we designed them together and yep, I get Nayru! Woo hoo! I love the idea of photographing there!! I will have to show Sarah!

Fixes: Thank you! I am so happy to have that wig finished. Wigs are a real pain for me... I still struggle with them, so I can understand you putting Duke off. :P I hope the links will eventually be of use to you. As for the Zidane belt, it's looking really close. Do you have any stabilizer inside the belt? I have sometimes but foam in between the layers of vinyl to keep everything sitting flat. I bet a thick fabric would work too. And for the edges, do you mean how to get that raised piece? I can think of two ways, one easy, the other, not so easy. One being glue a layer of foam along the belt to make the trim and the other to make a fabric tube and stuff it with wire or stuffing and sew it to the belt.

Parents / Cons: That's nice! I had fun with my family this weekend too. We had a big birthday bash for everyone born in this month. :P And no I never did go to the fish market, is it cool? I am also glad you were able to make it to the con! I can understand the frustration with boarder patrol, I usually hear a lot of complaints from people who have to go through it. It looks like it was a fun little con though!

Dissidia Update: I was finally able to order my Terra wig and I only needed one because I had enough scraps leftover!!! Yays! It should be here near the end of this month and then I can get started. I finished my Yoko wig and am now starting up my Zelda wig to keep me busy until Terra gets here.

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