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@tifaia :
CoD : Yeah, I want to try something different with CoD. But I'm happy to say that I bought the styroballs for making the... tentacles? And the paint XD Though now I have to finish other things before I can really work on CoD. But I will make her before the summer is out

Embroidery : Oooh the chain stitch would be very interesting for various parts of Kefka :O It's too bad there's nowhere for such things on Ultimecia >< I have so much to learn for embroidery. But it's worth it

@Nefer : But your facepalm in our Con-G skit worked xD I hope Con-G posts those videos soon... it's been since February @_@

@Final : Time will tell. For the moment I shall just have Kaito as 100%. But I still want to do either FFIV, FFII, or FFIX for it. I shall see in time xD Though II is so tempting @_@ GAH must finish this year's cosplays first xD

@Seifer :Testing is always a good idea. I do that for everything :P I didn't do it on my Steampunk Earth Faery though when I went to start her beadwork. But most of her beading was fast to do. But yay same boat! XD
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