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Originally Posted by Vash129 View Post
@everyone who was talking about growing the con by bringing in big GoH, I think that this could work if they could sustain awesome main events every year. One example was Asian Kung-Fu Generation, personally I would love this. Also since they never tour in America I think pulling an act like this could pull in a big crowd. If you do this over the years people will keep coming back for the events. While some people will come only for the event and nothing else, others will come and enjoy the conventions. This plus some other methods I think could steadily increase the attendance rate.

If I remember correctly they almost gotta Orange Range in 2010, which I was extremely excited about. This was until the whole Lattanzio situation. I believe he flew out to Japan and insulted them so they did not come.

I believe next year will be a good year. They actually make a way to take out feedback this year, which means that they are listening. Along with that we will have LA back to ourselves and the feel will be much better. We will also have much more room to move about and take pictures.

My biggest disappointment this year was the masquerade. I liked how they changed the format and put walk-ons first then skits. But I felt that the skits this year were severely lacking. I am not sure if this was due to the fact that people were sad about not having the nokia theater again or what but it seemed like most people could not connect with the skits. I give a ton of credit to everyone who gets up and does these this was just my opinion and the general response I received when talking to people about it. I think they should add back the prize money for best in show. I think the first year people really thought that because of the money the best cosplayers would come and no one would have a chance. This didn't turn out to be true. I think people realize that now and it would really have an effect on the skit levels. Also the half time shows. This one was better but, the only other one I have ever really liked was 2007 with the ninja VS pirates 300 story.

Also I think that everyone should get the one free main event ticket. I dont like how they changed this in recent years. I think for huge concerts its fine, but for the AX main events like masquerade it should be free.
I'd be interested in an AKFG or Orange Range concert myself. They'd be two bands with the recognition to bring some people back in as they've both been involved is the larger fad series of recent years. I would guess they couldn't do an A-list mystery concert tease until they put together a couple of years with general-interest-generating marquee guests as headliners.

The Masquerade is more subjective and harder to vet since it depends on who goes to the tryouts. Some years are better than others, but the description of the Masquerade stage this year made it sound like an obstacle.

I also wonder if there can be a savvier use of social media, like AM2's interactive scavenger hunt idea or other ideas, but that's still kind of difficult to pull off since it means you'd have to have people very keyed into your outlets, and I don't get the sense that large amounts of people are staring at their cellphones so much as the cosplayers.

I agree the concert pricing was too much. $20 per seat on a first come first serve basis was a good compromise. Even though the Nokia is conceivably a possibility for next year, I'm of the mind that more intimate gigs at the Club Nokia would be better. Smaller venue, but save some money going into the next year, and the possibility of a more intimate show. X-Japan was incredible there and there weren't many places that were a bad view from the pit level.
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