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Originally Posted by Nessie Toreador View Post
I was wondering if anyone here has cosplayed Kanaya? I'm want to make her normal outfit.

I'm trying to think of how I am going to make this skirt from Hell.
I'm thinking of making it like a wrap around type thing? Wow, I'm bad at explaining things.
But there's buttons and stripes and confusing things about this skirt and I'm frightened to attempt at sewing something like that.
Hey! I've never cosplayed Kanaya, but one of my best friends did, and it wound up looking great! What she did was get a piece of red cloth that we hemmed at the bottom. She wrapped it around herself, and then once she figured out where it would overlap, she sewed off the excess and hemmed that. Then she sewed buttons on to the top layer and painted stripes on that.

If that didn't make sense, here's a very poorly drawn visual aid!

I hope that helps some!! Best of luck!

Originally Posted by Jabberwack View Post
I'm almost sure all these questions have been asked but...
Okay, I've decided my Terezi cosplay will be done by the end of the week. I've got my shirt, I'm ready to straighten my hair, I've got shoes, and I'm mending some of the pesky cracks that the Model Magic company needs to figure out. I do have a couple of questions, as this will be my first Homestuck cosplay, and I don't want to look like a complete noob (even though I am). on making red rimless glasses? I thought that maybe I could use a red plastic transparent folder, shape them correctly, and glue them to a pair of smaller glasses with the lens popped out? Does anyone have any fast(er) alternatives?
-On le subject of horns and their fabulous cracks, will the paint cover that up, or should I use super glue to mend it? I don't think using more Model Magic to fill the crack will work...
-I am aware there are laws and stuff against using a blind person cane if you are not, in fact, blind. Can anyone think of anything to add to a blind cane to make it look less...official? (Hard to look official when your skin is grey and wearing orange horns...)
I've heard that coloring in the lenses with a red sharpie works! Other than that, I've used spray window-tint (available at most craft stores. The brand's Krylon), and it looks good, but the wearer can't really see. Ironic, really, for a Terezi. XD But aside from that, you can buy sheets of acrylic at hardware stores (they use them for window alternatives) and cut that out in the shape that you like. That's how I make Kamina/Bro glasses, anyway!

Paint will NOT cover those cracks. I suggest taking either wood glue, caulk, or Modge Podge (not as effective; it'll take several coats) and using that to fill up the holes. Then paint that white or yellow. If you can still see the divet, do it again. You may have to sand some excess off.

As for the blind cane situation, I've seen a lot of Terezis make Terezi's cane. Since there's a dragon on the top, it's not very easily mistaken as a real cane. For that, you could use model magic (it might be too soft, though, for you to hold on to all day), sculpey (probably pretty heavy) or paperclay (probably the best bet here?) to make the dragon head on the top. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a shot of her cane.

I hope this helps you!

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