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Originally Posted by Britchan View Post
Awwhh, I hope you can make it this year. On my way to the convention a tire popped, that put us two hours behind and the night of Day 2 my wig turned into a giant mess, like seriously.. I felt so self conscious at the gathering. Worst experience ever. My dad blamed Anime Expo :P *sigghh*

Just update when you know what's going on

P.S. I love Remote Control, 'Sit down, sit down, sit down please,' XD
I love it too, but the outfits are freaking weird. I was just zooming in and out of my reference pictures trying to figure out what they were! Just what they were--not how to construct it. And Len is wearing a collared shirt with a tie UNDER a t-shirt with a tie drawn on it. What the balls? And I don't even know where to start with those headphones, but when I was listing off versions of Rin and Len to my boyfriend, Remote Control was the only one he seemed enthusiastic about so I'm trying to figure it out.

I have almost a year, right? ^^;
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