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Originally Posted by Mesoian View Post
I think my next game is going to be Super Mario Galaxy 1, because I want to know why Nintendo isn't using their best new character in YEARS (Rosalina). For all the really quirky things they do behind the scenes with gender roles, sexual preferences, self image issues, all the really progressive stuff that's slipped in there for adults, but not so overt that it effect kids, I kind of wish the Wario games would explore the seedier side of the Mushroom Kingdom.

There are two transvestite characters in the Mario universe. One of them is one of my favorite characters from her (his) respective game. I kind of want them to go into deeper detail about it.
That Galaxy games are pretty great. I'd even go as far to say I prefer Galaxy 1 over Mario 64. I REALLY need to buy Galaxy 2 one of these days.

And to Nintendo's credit, Rosalina was in M-Kart Wii, one of the sports or party games, and cameoed in Smash Bros and of course, both Galaxy game. That's pretty solid for a NEW character in that series.

Meanwhile, I'm playing Penny Arcade:TPoD episode 3 and enjoying it. For $5, it's hard to find a better j-rpg experience w/o all those things that make J-rpgs terrible these days.
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