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@MDA: I will, someday! xD I just need to find one that I want to do that work with haha!

@Nefer: You know, sometimes I think you are more hyper than me.. x'D *SWEAT DROPS* lol do you need an icepack for that facepalm? xD And yes, Welcome to Palamecia Firion. xD And no pressure at all for making that cosplay!! seeing how you crank out these Dissidia cosplays and make them so well, I know that Firion will already be epic. OoO ..I'm jealous lol.
And yes, it's a new Emperor picture! Before I repaint my staff back into gold, I wanted a few more pictures of the cosplay while the staff was still black. XD so ya! hehehe!

@FinalEvangelion: Hahaha! I have a major sweet tooth too! Though I don't have a lot of sweet things around my house all the time.... Perhaps that's a good thing!

As For AN, I think that's the con I told you last time about which is Anime North. (That really big venue with over 3 hotels hosting convention, huge outdoor space where most of the cosplay and photography happens and is overflowing with cosplays and con goers...) It's a very big con. The Toronto Congress Centre and the Doubletree Hotel are like the the main venue buildings (like, where the masquerades are held at and the dealers room) But ya.

@Seifer-sama: Well that's good then! And hahaha... Emperor photobombing? Somehow I can see that. xD

@Tifaia: UWEEEEEE!!! 8D *chomps on cookie with googly looking eyes and crumbs fly everywhere*

@StabbityBlkMage: Hello Sir Jecht! My goodness, you look so much like him!! O___O It's rare to find Jecht cosplayers! Oh man, if I didn't live so far away I would TOTALLY join you for a Dissidia group as Emperor! D: Chaos Warriors unite!
Due to health, I cannot work on cosplays like I was able to in the past. :'( Or attend cons with ease. Few cosplays that I am working on (when body allows) are:
Vampire Hunter D - D (Amano ver.) 5%
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess - Zelda 15%

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