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@FinalEvangelion: Well if plans are still the same...which seems to be since I just asked her on msn, theorically Liliana is still cosplaying Cecil the sunday of Anime North 2014 yes ^^ ...good luck with the scales, there's a lot to make... As for Kain, he's a cosplay in planning, since I have to finish all my 2013 cosplay first, aka Rosa pass before Kain for that ^^; But I started buying stuff for him slowly but surely, shall be started around August 2013 or something like that... Though from what I can tell, the armor will be less constricting that my other armors, aka no horns-of-doom-sticking-from-everywhere-for-no-apparent-reason-but-been-a-pain. As for AN, Liliana already answered but I guess I could add that's it's a attendees cap of 20,000 people, but there's a lot of people just wandering around the con outside without a pass lol.

@Seifer-sama: Minwu is a great character! Even though you only get to have him in your party for a short period of time, he's still in my top 5 characters of ff2 ^^ Oh right, gotta say this, but one of my friend is a big fan of your Terra, so congrats on that, your cosplay is amazing (she's making Terra herself and a big fan of the character as well).

@MDA: ...ya it did...probably because I once again hurted myself while wanting it to be realistic... ^^; long as you guys don't ask me to record a 'falling on top of the stairs' sound for the next skit...because you know I probably would try to x'D

@StabbityBlkMage: Wow...Awesome Jetch! You can compete with Phil on that O.O Awesome cosplay work!

@Liliana: ...even though it's almost a miracle...who knows...perhaps I may be...once in a while, then you take over on the 'hyperness' XD ...Hmm...let's just hope we won't both be hyper at AN2014 then, otherwise....Havoc is coming O_O ...and naw, I heal quickly :P ...and stop saying that please, I mean if you do, then at least accept the fact that you're the best Emperor ever! *cough* (seriously, there's nothing to be jealous about, WoL, Sephiroth AND Laguna all need to be retouched when it comes to dissidia cosplays afterall ^^; ). And ah ok! xD Bet it will take a good while until you paint it black again eh? ^^; ...and I was scared for a sec that you'd want to get to San Diego here x'D I can try to drive to Otakon next year if we're lucky, but to mother will tie me down on a post to prevent me from driving that much and my dad will be cheering me on -_-; dissidia work as usual... hopefully in august I can retouch WoL and the tiny retouch Laguna needs to be ok to me...

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