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Originally Posted by El_Duque View Post
What? Club Nokia would have been perfect for new up and coming acts from Japan. I thought it worked fine for Kalafina and Nrgilis in 2011.

Okay, so Kalafina and Nrgilis are already have a good following. But the ones they brought in this year (including Yuki Kaijura) would have filled up Club Nokia to the brim. What about Nokia Theater? No one will ever know.
Originally Posted by Makira View Post
... link please? Club Nokia helped A LOT with the dance. The dance this year was awful, I've seen/heard a lot of complaints about that. The 2-3 hour wait times, the small hole, no drinks except some bath water in the corner, can't pee without getting kicked out, DJs SUCKED... there's no way AX would let that happen again... right? Learn from your mistakes? I'm hoping.
It's from the rumor mill at AX feedback thread on FB, so take it with a grain of salt. I wouldn't be surprised really if they did. If they went back to how it was before, I'd at least be pleasantly surprised.
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