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Originally Posted by naomi_censored View Post
I will always have a special place in my heart for Fan Expo, since it was my first ever convention. I love the vibe, the guests, the giant dealer's room, and how it gives me a chance to explore my other nerdy passions beyond just anime. But I wouldn't contradict what's been said, because it's probably all quite true. I wonder if Fan Expo's target market just aren't the "hype"-ing sort. *shrug*
I feel the same way... to me Expo was a warm up to Anime North. And because it was my first con I'll always enjoy it What I find to be a killer is the constant increase in price. They didn't need to jack it up to $95... I understand having special priced tickets for the big named guests, but for everyone not going to see them it should be lower. I still can't believe the first year I went it was $50 for all three days...

I originally was going to only go for one day, but changed my mind since I'm still suffering from post AN con syndrome.
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